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Eleonora Srugo

The party never stops for this high-powered real estate baddie who loves to paint the town red—and pop up at City-sanctioned events—with the mayor.


  • Stuyvesant High School student


  • Award-winning real state agent, Douglas Elliman
  • It girl

Eleonora Srugo’s Instagram account is a must-follow for anyone interested in the intersection of glamorous women, New York City real estate, local politics, Israel—and her friend Eric Adams, who regularly pops up in Srugo’s posts and stories. 

In between sleek, professional-looking snaps of her work life and party shots from her nights out, Srugo, a New York City native born in Israel and a real estate agent at Douglas Elliman whose listings are consistently attached to a seven-figure-plus price tag, spends a lot of time posting photos of herself with Eric Adams, and gushing in her captions about how great the mayor is. Scrolling her feed, you can find a photos of them bundled up in winter gear and volunteering together (“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our previous pos Mayor left office”); posing side by side at Cipriani Downtown (Adams, she wrote in the caption, “knows first hand what it means to create your own destiny in this city”); and brunching in 2020 along with “champagne mogul” and friend of the mayor William Benson, and the now-head of the Mayor’s Office of “Innovation and Emerging Markets, Denise Felipe-Adams

Srugo says that she met Adams through the mentoring program she claims to have started to prepare students from her alma mater, Stuyvesant High School for the college admissions process. (Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association said a different alum technically founded the program, but Srugo was heavily involved from 2016-2020 and was listed as a co-founder at that time.) The two friends have also seemingly bonded over their shared love of Israel. In a speech at a Jewish Heritage Month reception in May, Adams thanked Srugo for teaching him about “what it is to grow up as a young Jewish girl in the city, from Israel.” In June, she appeared with Adams, brandishing a sign that said “MAYOR ERIC ADAMS CELEBRATES ISRAEL” at the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York’s 2023 Celebrate Israel Parade. “Thank you to @nycmayor for being supportive of the Jewish people, Israel, faith practices and me! We need to have his back ♥️🙏🇮🇱,” she wrote on Instagram. Srugo also posted photos to her Instagram story—side by side with the mayor, plus a shot of his security team with the caption “Has tlv ever seen a more handsome crew?! 🇮🇱 🇺🇸🗽”—when she was in at the same time Adams was in Israel, back in August.

But their relationship isn’t all civic duty—Srugo and our nightlife-loving mayor Adams also hit the town together. The mayor caught heat in October 2022 for attending her birthday party—at Robert and Johnny Petrosyants‘s hotspot Osteria La Baia—the day before declaring a migrant-induced state of emergency in the City. (Also in attendance: Zero Bond owner and fellow Adams friend, Scott Sartiano, and the rappers French Montana and Ja Rule.) Srugo and the mayor went to a Drake concert with friends this past January, a night out memorialized on her Instagram feed in a carousel-style post that combines concert footage and a clip from one of the mayor’s speeches about the rebounding of city life. “This week a few good men did a few great things for our city,” she wrote in her caption. “Talent combined with an undeniable Work ethic is a beautiful thing to see and I was blessed to have had a front row seat.” Adams and Srugo also posed together at his birthday party in September, right before the mayor spent a day looking haggard at flood-related press conferences.

Adams isn’t the only reason Srugo has appeared in the news. In September, she was named in a lawsuit against a group of Douglas Elliman brokers and executives by a woman with a Section 8 voucher who said agents at the firm failed to help her find adequate housing. Srugo told the Real Deal that she “basically was named for not responding to an email,” although an attorney told the publication that not responding could still constitute a violation of fair housing law. In other news, in 2021 Srugo found herself at the center of a cheating scandal when “Bachelorette” season 16 stars Dale Moss and Clare Crawley called off their engagement amid rumors that Moss was cheating on Crawley with Srugo. 

Srugo sued Tango Publishing Corporation for defamation after they ran articles labeling her as Moss’s “mistress” and vehemently denied those rumors in other outlets through her representative Ronn Torossian, a controversial PR executive whose past notable clients include figures like “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis, Lil’ Kim, Snoop Dogg, and, despite his Armenian heritage, the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Adams was for a time also good friends with Torossian, who reportedly introduced Adams to Zero Bond prior to his election. But after the Daily Beast published a critical story on Adams’s friendship with Torossian and a very publicly canceled fundraiser, Torossian told Politico ten weeks into Adams’s mayoral tenure that the two were “not in touch.” But Adams doesn’t need Torossian as a party companion anyway, because if social media is to be believed, he’s always got a plus-one in Srugo.

Last updated: 12/18/2023


Brunched with

Denise Felipe-Adams

An enthusiastic Adams loyalist dipping her toes into crypto.

Threw her birthday party at restaurant run by

Robert and Zhan Petrosyants

Fun-loving twins who play host to the mayor at their trendy Italian eatery.

Made sure her party invite list included

Scott Sartiano

How did the owner of Zero Bond score a seat on the Met's board? Probably not based on his resume, which we got our hands on.

Denise Felipe-Adams

An enthusiastic Adams loyalist dipping her toes into crypto.

Robert and Zhan Petrosyants

Fun-loving twins who play host to the mayor at their trendy Italian eatery.

Scott Sartiano

How did the owner of Zero Bond score a seat on the Met's board? Probably not based on his resume, which we got our hands on.

Sylvia Cowan

Former girlfriend with whom he still owns an apartment.

Tracey Collins

Adams's longtime girlfriend, who lives in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is rarely seen in his presence, and got a cushy promotion and a big raise after he became mayor.

Jenifer Rajkumar

Adams has called her a "beast." She thinks he's “the GOAT." 

Bishop Lamor Whitehead

The "Bling Bishop" and Eric Adams apparently don't speak anymore, but both say that God is on their side.


Jay-Z is a billionaire who wants things billionaires want—like a license to build a casino.

Jordan Coleman

Eric Adams's literal son.

Billy Bildstein

The owner of Avant Gardner and Brooklyn Mirage fought the SLA and won (with help from powerful friends).

Jacqui Williams

"Real estate is not to be toyed with here."

Marc Holliday

When you want to build a casino in Times Square, you hire the mayor's former chief of staff and host parties with Cara Delevingne.

John Chell

Shot a man to death in 2008, now in charge of the largest bureau in the NYPD.

Vito Pitta

The grandson of a hotel union boss whose family law firm is heading Adams's legal defense fund.

Rana Abbasova

Abbasova's job is to keep City Hall friendly with foreign governments. And maybe...they all became a little too friendly.

Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn

Bichotte Hermelyn is helping to stifle progressives at every turn, just how Eric Adams likes it. 

Brendan McGuire

When it comes to fending off a public corruption case, it doesn’t hurt to have a lawyer who has friends in the Southern District.

Evan Thies

A political consultant and one of the main architects of Adams's mayoral election, whom Adams described as "the man that captured my voice" and "my brother."

Max Young

Adams's comms director left the administration to work for Pfizer, but will he come back to help his old boss win reelection in 2025?

Brianna Suggs

Eric Adams hired her when she was 19. Six and a half years and millions of dollars in mayoral campaign fundraising later, the FBI raided her apartment.

Peter Koo

Senior advisor to the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety. What does that even mean, man?

Rachel Atcheson

A nice vegan caught up in a nasty campaign finance scandal.

Timothy Pearson

Timothy Pearson is Mayor Adams’s right-hand man—a hand that, at least once, curled into a fist.

Sheena Wright

The nonprofit professional (with a somewhat checkered past) is quickly rising through the ranks at City Hall.

David Banks

One of the Banks brothers, now finds himself at the top of a teetering schools system. 

Louis Molina

As Correction commissioner, he stymied jail oversight and presided over dozens of deaths of people in custody.

Ydanis Rodriguez

A ride-or-die Eric Adams campaign surrogate scored a powerful post overseeing NYC's streets, but so far that has meant taking a back seat to the mayor's bureaucrats.

Tiffany Raspberry

A lobbyist and long-time friend now has a lot of power in City Hall—and she's not afraid to use it.

Eric Ulrich

Gambling, tow trucks, pizza: the Manhattan DA's indictment against Adams's former building commissioner has it all.

Ingrid Lewis-Martin

Already a legendary and uniquely powerful force within the Adams administration, the mayor's most fiercely loyal deputy stares down a federal investigation into her boss' campaign.

Fabien Levy

Levy has risen in influence as his colleagues in the City Hall press shop have departed, and the deputy mayor runs interference for the mayor in his dealings with the press.

Bernard Adams

Younger brother Bernard Adams couldn't make it past the City's ethics board—but his wife, Sharon, sure did.

Dwayne Montgomery

An old friend the mayor doesn't care to claim, indicted in a straw donor scheme.

Kaz Daughtry

Jeffrey Maddrey's hands-on protégé, now NYPD drone champion.

Edward Caban

The Adams administration's second police commissioner is a team player and a Masonic brother.

Lisa White

Eric Adams's former roommate (or is it landlord?) in charge of NYPD officer morale—too bad she tanks it.

Jeffrey Maddrey

The top uniformed cop in the NYPD, despite a wild history of disciplinary charges.

Philip Banks III

From unindicted co-conspirator in a federal corruption case to Mayor Adams's deputy mayor for public safety in less than a decade.

Frank Carone

New York City's short king is the most connected man in town.

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen wants two things—a Mets championship and a casino. Eric Adams can only really help him with one of those.

Tony Argento

New York City's homegrown film studio mogul is a Gotham power broker out of central casting.

Michael Mazzio

Michael Mazzio found himself getting shut out of the lucrative tow truck industry—until he found a friendly ear in City Hall.

Winnie Greco

Winnie Greco connected the Chinese business community to the future mayor. In return, he promised to build an arch.

Rich Maroko

The head of the Hotel and Gaming Trades Council bet big on Eric Adams becoming mayor. Will it pay off?

Brock Pierce

Crypto-enthusiast who says he's advising Adams on "all things crypto."

Victoria Schneps-Yunis

Queens newspaper magnate whose own rise mirrors that of Adams.

Douglas Durst

Real estate titan who wants to weaken New York City's climate laws.